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All About Self Healing


Self-healing is about taking ownership of your path to wellness. Taking the best from every resource available, both allopathic and natural. Food has shaped evolution. Don't underestimate the power of food to shape your mental, physical and emotional state.


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”― Hippocrates

This website, my products, services and my brand "All About Health" are dedicated to supporting people who have the courage to question and who are seeking ways to self-heal. 


The journey to self-healing is never easy. 


My journey has been punctuated by various health challenges, each has pushed me to learn to question, seek answers and find ways to support my health. This included facing painful endometriosis since the age of 16, living with a genetic degenerative eye condition since my teens that culminated in a double cornea transplant a decade ago and recovering from a near-fatal paragliding accident.


All About Health


In 2009 I began my own range of healthy, whole food based breakfast products in response to the nutrient depleted and health-damaging food that was available on supermarket shelves.

From the humble beginnings of two muesli’s, I now have over forty products that are distributed through retail outlets nationwide and are available through our online shop:

The mixes are all carefully considered – each is deliberately put together to serve certain health needs. My products follow the principles of whole, nutrient-dense ingredients that provide maximum health benefits.


The range caters for:

Rolled oats, nuts and seeds all have amazing benefits and each one brings something unique and different to the mix creating a true symphony of flavours and health properties.


Breakfast is a notoriously tricky meal. I grew up eating highly processed, sugary GMO maize slop that would pass through my digestive system within minutes leaving me ravenous by mid-morning; definitely not the ideal way to begin the day! 

Things have definitely changed since the 80’s, there are a lot more healthy breakfast choices, however, supermarket shelves are still dominated by highly processed, sugary cereals packaged in cardboard boxes featuring colourful animated animals.

I challenge anyone to identify the so-called ‘whole grains’ that are apparently used to make the luminous extruded pellets.

In my opinion, this is not food fit for human consumption. 

If you cannot immediately recognise what you are eating then don’t eat it regardless of Tony the Tiger’s promises of added vitamins and minerals.


The ingredients used in All About Health muesli’s and granola’s can all be individually identified leaving no doubt in your mind as to what you are eating.

I have teamed up with Jacksons Real Food Market and have expanded my brand to include a range of non-GMO grains and pulses including some organic lines sourced straight form a farm in the Northern Cape. 

All the products come with a certificate of analysis and are sustainably grown and sourced.

Meet Laura

The founder and mind behind All About Health and All About Self-Healing.

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