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Covid Info

This page is dedicated to to all those brave people who have risked their lives and reputations to bring us the facts and science behind Covid 19 

Blood Sample

Dr Charles Hoffe
Micro clots in 62% of vaccinated patients


South African Heart Surgeon Dr Vosloo
The truth about corona virus and the vaccines

Brain Sketch

Dr Ryan Cole
A scientific clarification of what these injections do in the brain and other organs 

Patient Sitting

Pfizer Vaccine Trial is a Dismal Failure in Israel -
3rd shots now recommended

Support Group

Charles Eisenstein
Mob Morality and the unvaxxed (why going against mainstream requires guts)

Hanging Herbs

Having vaccine side effects? 
Nutrition protocol to support the body and neutralise GO

Doctors with Bacteriological Protection Suits

Dr Robert Malone
Inventor on mRNA vaccine technology warns of antibody dependent enhancement due to vaccine

Vaccinating A Child

Dr Peter McCullough
Texan Cardiologist warns of dangers related to The Covid Vaccine

Hasidic Jews

Dr Zelenko 
Physician speaks to Israeli politicians about the dangers of CV vaccine

Scientist in Laboratory

Dr Michael Yeadon
Science researcher and former VP of Pfizer warns about untruths