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In these uncertain times I am dedicating this site to all you courageous people who have decided to take healing back into your own hands.

Happy New Year! Most of us are still working from home and have been isolated from the public at large. For some of us life continues as it did before lockdown but for many others their lives have changed irrevocably. One thing that is guaranteed is that life as we have known it will never be the same. Each day things are evolving and just like a germinating seed we don't know what shape it will take or how long it will take to reach full maturity. 

The only thing that you have full control over right now is your response to the unfolding events. If you succumb to your fears and the 'what-ifs' you are merely wasting energy on things you cannot change.

The one thing that you do have power over right now are your decisions regarding your health and that of your family and pets.

One of the good things to come out of last year's lock-down is that all the fast-food chains were closed. The fact that we couldn't get take-aways or go to restaurants were enticing us back into the kitchen. which allowed people to experiment with different ingredients and try new recipes. 

Cooking may be viewed as a bane by some but it can be a great creative outlet if we stop treating it as a chore and view it as a fun way for the family to bond.


COVID19 is offering us more time for introspection. For some of us this may be a scary prospect but is is a great opportunity to look at our lives objectively. Where can we improve? How can we improve? Why should we improve?

don't think there are many people out there who can categorically say that they are 100% happy with the state of their health. So if you think you have some room for improvement then read on.

You may have stumbled upon this site because you have reached the point where you have realised that your health and the health of your children is your responsibility and nobody, regardless of how well intentioned they may be is going to be able to 'fix' you.

Now more than ever before in our history your choices regarding your health and wellbeing are critical.  There is a time to fight and a time to surrender..... this site is dedicated to all of you who have chosen to fight!

How you decide to deal with the threat of Corona Virus will determine the trajectory of your life. Are you just going to sit back and hope that a vaccine will save you? Or are you going to start making the changes and implementing  interventions necessary to ensure that you and your family are as healthy as possible and are as prepared as you can be not only to survive but to thrive during these challenging times..


Through all my years of consulting (and of course looking after my own health), I have realised that there were a core set of tenets that work for most people.

I would like to share my FIVE PILLARS of health in the hope that you will derive as much benefit from them as I have:

Customer Satisfaction

"I've been following the keto diet and things have been amazing! I've almost stopped using insulin because I'm not eating any carbs and my blood levels are perfect almost all of the time whereas before this they used to go up and down may times during the day.

 I'm taking the supplements you have recommended and haven't had any hives for ten days now. I hardly ever get hungry and am eating only two meals a day.

I saw about six specialists before I came to you and no-one really helped, they just threw pills at me which was like putting a plaster over a festering wound. 

Life is great and I just wanted to say thank-you for your help and guidance."

Phil K - Life Coach


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"I am not a doctor or a medical professional. I am just an ordinary person with an extraordinary passion for health and wellness. Any changes to your medication should be discussed with the relevant health care practitioner.

Thorough research is advised before embarking on any new lifestyle change."

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